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The Investment Company EuroFinansy Award for the best dissertation thesis in the sphere of financial markets is presented with the assistance of the Financial Academy affiliated to the Government of the Russian Federation, and aimed at enhancing the prestige and status of scientific activity, and financial science in general.

Scientific activity is absolutely selfless and not mercantile. Pursuing science implies creative work, vocation, and work. In contemporary society fashion is one of the most important idols. To be fashionable means to be contemporary, successful, and famous. Science is not in the list of fashionable professions. Nevertheless, there are people who devote their lives to science. The scientific community exists and keeps developing irrespective of fashion, reminding society of its existence only during the presentation of annual Awards recognized worldwide.

An Award is a symbol of professional competency. The presentation of such an Award is an important event in the life of the whole community. It is this award that gives people the chance to feel a part of the community.

The Investment Company EuroFinance Award for the best dissertation thesis in the sphere of financial markets strives to highlight the special role to be played by representatives of financial science in establishing and developing the Russian finance system.


  • Support and assistance for talented research workers
  • Strengthening the reputation of the Russian science school in the sphere of financial markets
  • Opening new names
  • Presenting new ideas to the market
  • Making pursuits such as research work, financial engineering, quantum market establishment fashionable

The Advisory committee consisting of the most competent and prominent representatives of financial science and experts shall decide and announce the winners of this Award.

Submission of candidate works for the Award should be carried out by authors themselves.

The Award gives the winner the right to obtain the monetary sum of 500,000 rubles, and functions as a diploma for the prize-winner.

The award presentation will take place formally in partnership with the representatives of the business community and mass media.



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