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"Reading a good book for the first time is like meeting a new friend. Reading the book that we have already read is like meeting that old friend again."

Some time ago books were considered an unheard-of luxury. They were kept under lock and key and even chained to shelves. To own a library used to be the privilege of nobles and men of means. Nowadays, libraries are not a luxury, but a necessity. People read in order to find the answer to burning questions, to keep up-to-date with major events and trends, and to grow professionally.

IC EuroFinances and OAO Alpina Business Books have co-founded a project to publish books on finance. This collection of books offer insight for professionals and experts alike, as well as for all those seeking to orient themselves in the world of finance.

Ya.M.Mirkin, V.Ya.Mirkin. English-Russian Explanatory Dictionary on Banking, Investments and Financial Markets.

The explanatory dictionary covers commercial and investment banking - operations on financial markets (the foreign exchange market, equity market, derivatives market, insurance, pension and investment funds), the market for corporate control, risk management, financial management and corporate financing, government finance, central bank activity, and international finance.

The dictionary includes practical terminology, and can be used in financial activity, translating technical texts, and training. This dictionary is meant for specialists in financial institutions, experienced and first-time investors, students and post-graduate students at financial institutions, as well as for those simply taking an interest.

Ya.M.Mirkin, I.V.Zubkov, U.V.Roslyak, U.S.Cizov, Z.A.Lebedeva, V.P.Shiryaev, T.V.Tormozova. Financial Market Infringements: Detection, analysis and damage assessment.

The reference book for law enforcement officials is aimed at solving problems relating to the protection of the rights of equity market members. Includes conceptual, classificatory and situational analysis of rights infringements on the financial market, as well as the damages concerned, the means of damages assessment, and the cause-and-effect relationship leading to them arising. It also classifies financial market infringements (more than 500 items), includes a matrix coupling "infringement-damage-assessment", court practice analysis (more than three thousand infringements), and the characteristic features of more than 150 standard precedent cases.

This reference book can be used by law enforcement officials, equity market members wishing to protect their rights, instructors, postgraduates and students on programs of higher education and further professional financial and economic education.

Ya.M.Mirkin, S.V.Losev, B.B.Rubzov, I.V.Dobashina, Z.A.Vorobyeva. Guide on issue organization and corporate bond circulation

Corporate bonds are one of the most effective instruments for debt financing. The book offers a technical plan for the preparation, registration and placement of bonded debt, a structured and ordered database for issuing bonds, an investment project development methodology, a profitability calculation method, and a bonds assessment. Building on this foundation, the book provides a detailed description of the process of structuring corporate bonds as a financial engineering instrument. The procedure for interacting with financial consultants, brokers, depositaries and all other members of the process is also represented herein. It covers the analytical and reference instruments necessary for professional activity within any bonded project.

This guide is meant for specialists and experts of enterprises, banks, investment and financial companies and funds, as well as instructors, Master's degree program trainees, executive MBA programs and students of economic IHLs.

Eric L. Neiman. The Small Encyclopedia of Trader

The Small Encyclopedia of Trader is the eighth edition of Eric Neiman's financial bestseller, in which he provides a basic understanding and method for successful trading in an easy and accessible format. The author describes the basic methods behind fundamental and technical analysis, talks about indicators and options, and acquaints the reader with specific types of analysis, risk management methodology, and the basis of stock exchange speculation psychology.

This encyclopedia is meant for people familiar with the general principles behind operations on the currency exchange and non-exchange markets, the equity market and stock goods, as well as for private investors and specialists operating on financial markets, employees of investment companies and banks, and for those seeking a way to make the most of their own funds.

Simon Vine. Options. Full-Time Course for Professionals.

This book is a unique source of information for specialists and experts in urgent operations on the fund and currency exchange markets. You will never be able to find a way to solve the many problems described in this book either in Russian, or in any other language. That is why the first edition of the book was published in the United States in English, and was included on lists of recommended literature in various foreign universities, including Cambridge. This book stands out for its practical scope and ease of use.

A.Abramov. Investment funds.

The book represents a complex analysis of share investment funds experience in Russia. The author, the Head of the Development Department of "Stock Exchange RTS", singles out some of the key parameters necessary for perceiving and understanding the benefits and risks of making investments in investment funds. Building a bridge between theory and practice, Alexander Abramov shows us how the best-known theories of financial markets (theory of agency relationships, effective market, portfolios forming and management) work in Russia and the world.

B.B. Rubzov. Contemporary Equity Markets.

With this book the author aimed to create a product that could perform the functions not only of a textbook, but also of a scientific and at the same time reference-style publication on contemporary equity markets. Boris Rubzov's book offers the reader the chance to obtain a detailed understanding of the workings behind the system of world financial markets, and presents their basic instruments and institutions.

Michel Ridpat. Last Transaction.

Simon Eyot, born to an English aristocratic family, begins his career on Wall Street, marries his beloved... and suddenly finds himself the main suspect in a murder case. Will he be able to prove his innocence? Who is the real murderer? Was it worth taking the risk of investing huge amounts in dubious inventions? Financial, criminal and worldly problems intertwine for enmeshed web.

Michel Ridpat. Stock-Exchange Devil.

Scholar-Russianist, Nick Elliot understands that he could be selling his soul to the devil by taking up the offer of employment from the Dekker Ward brokerage firm, but he desperately needs money. Nick's boss, the enterprising Ricardu Ross, is better known as a market maker. His credo holds: "he that is not with us is against us". At first Nick thinks that he has caught luck by the tail, but strange things start to happen to him. First he finds out that his predecessor was murdered by an armed killer. Nick himself falls victim to an armed assault. Suddenly one of the leading traders of the company is dismissed. Then Isabel, one of the colleagues and Nick's beloved, is kidnapped and taken away to an undisclosed location.