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We would like to offer You to use informational resource dedicated to the items of finance and securities.

The author of the project, Jackov Moiseevitch Mirkin, a professor, Doctor of Science, the Chairman of Securities and Financial Engineering Department  in the Financial Academy affiliated to the Government of the Russian Federation, in addition to scientific and educational work within many years have been devoting himself to consulting of enterprises and companies concerning the problems of corporate finances. 

The main task of  "Mirkin.Ru" site functioning is to represent the possibilities for those who wish to get acquainted with many works of the specialists with respect to the problems of finance and equity market. On the pages of the site You will find a wide range of publications (books, dissertations, diploma projects, articles, and any other materials), joined into a unified  Financial electronic library.

Updates of the information are entered periodically, and new entries are added into the library.

We hope that the information represented by us, will be useful for You.