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Commercial science and financial engineering

High professionalism and scientific potential of the employees gives IC «EUROFINANSY» the possibility to perform research in the sphere of development of financial market, forming and organization of work of economical systems, economical activity:

  • Performance of tasks on scientific and research elaborations Performance of tasks on scientific and research elaborations
  • Cooperation in commercialization of non-standard ideas with the use of knowledge in the sphere of theory of finance for the purposes of forming of organizational-legal. Economical and technical foundations of such ideas realization
  • Development of new financial instruments with non-standard parameters

Research tendencies in the sphere of corporate science:

  • Development of methodology of damage estimation, incurred by unlawful actions within financial and fund markets (2005-2006)
  • Development and substantiation of financing models of a unified state examination in the normal operation (2006)
  • Development of organizational and economical mechanisms of provision of the activity for institutions of basic vocational education and intermediate vocational education (2006)
  • Development of forms and mechanisms of state-private partnership in the sphere of vocational education (2006)
  • Development of the procedure and determination of the terms and conditions of transition of budgetary institutions of higher vocational education into autonomous institutions based on the estimation of their economical and management potential (2006)
  • Research and analysis of the course of realization of the national project "Development of agribusiness industry". Development of the criteria and methodology of estimation of their effectiveness from the position of strategic priorities of development of the Russian Federation
  • The concept of creation of Educational centre in the Group of MICEX (2006-2007)
  • Analysis of the existing practice of selection of the candidates for their further election to the posts of independent directors in the Board of Directors of the company (2005)
  • Complex analysis and perspective influence estimation of realization of provisions of Kyoto Protocol to the Outline Convention of UNO On change of the climate for development of basic industrial complexes of Russia (2005-2006)
  • Marking methods and indicators of energy resources effectiveness of energy-technological equipment (2005-2006)
  • Development of the Regulation On criteria of the trust managers activity estimation with respect to the shares packages owned by the city of Moscow (2006)
  • Creation of option programs for major Russian corporations (2006)