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Our Values

The Company's mission is to offer the best quality of customer services, and maintain its reputation as one of the most dynamic and innovative companies within the Russian financial market.

The management and employees of the company share the following values:

Customer interest is the highest priority.

This means that:

  • We make every effort to create unique products.
  • We are eager to anticipate and pre-empt customer expectations and preferences.
  • We strive to expand the limits of our possibilities.

Confidential Information.

Observing the principle of confidentiality is essential and the most important prerequisite of a trusting relationship between the company and its customers.

Building trusting relationships.

We are constantly building long-term and cordial relationships with our partners. We appreciate, maintain and develop the history of our relationships.

Honesty in carrying out our work .

We would never and in no event act contrary to the legitimate interests of our customers for our own benefit. We value our reputation.

Constantly striving towards perfection and improvement.

We are convinced that every person has ideas. We try to offer the opportunity for them to be realized.

All relationships and interaction within the company are based upon the highest ethical standards.