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A distinctive feature of  IC «EUROFINANSY» fundamental analytics is its impartiality and objectivity. We do not take the side of the share seller, just as we do not try to sell our own products. We simply provide balanced and fundamental evaluations of securities sold on equity markets; security issuers, taking into account their histories, customer and product niches; financial status, growth potential, capitalization level in comparison with different Russian and foreign companies.

We came out from scientific environment and keep working as scientists. IC «EUROFINANSY» has a unique team of analysts with many academic degrees and academic status, working together with the department of securities and financial engineering of the Financial Academy affiliated to the Government of the Russian Federation.

It gives the possibility to research in the sphere of unusual analytics, making such analysis the equivalent of which is absent within the market. The question is about factorial analysis of dynamics of financial market at the level of macroeconomics, about research of international interrelations of the markets, analytical disclosure of new product segments for investors, and many other things.

Fundamental analysis most profoundly reveals market mechanics. However, it is tightly connected with other levels of analytics. Any investor may freely proceed from one level of the analysis to some other, starting from daily reviews and technical analysis, getting acquainted with the base of financial indicators and events calendar, and then working more profoundly with fundamental analytics.