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Financial Indicators

Instead of being submersed in long analytical reports, sometimes it suffices to look at the financial indicators of the issuer in order to come to a conclusion about its prospects within the market.

The financial indicators base administered by IC «EUROFINANSY» is an express analysis service for experienced investors, who require prompt, and effective analysis of issuers, for making investment decisions. It is the market guide - the shortest answer to the question "who’s who?" from the position of future capitalization growth.

The indicators base is maintained thoroughly. The indicators for major issuers are collected in a single informational field, and are updated as soon as new statistical data appear.

An investor can freely proceed from one level of analysis to another. Unity of analytics is offered: "daily reviews ? technical analysis ? issuers’ financial indicators base ? express reports on issuers and extended reports on fundamental analytics.

Actual financial indicators (Available in Russian)