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Astrological Forecast

Current astrology forecast (Available in Russian)

Anyone who like a seafarer navigates the equity market by the stars is able to find unique reviews in this section, which are very popular with investors. The astrology forecasts are compiled by a professional team, which works within the financial market, and has enjoyed success in other field - trying to dig beneath the surface for the reasons and events behind life.

Invariable cyclicity of financial markets, sudden perturbations, insuperability of forces testing for strength – it is impossible to explain this mechanics of financial cosmos in terms of commerce or mathematical calculations. Financial life makes us also refer to other knowledge – psychology, physics, and at last, to astrology so that to estimate the power and connections not available for daily experience.

We believe in Your successful decisions.  The result is the matter, and no matter what is the base of it – either rational thinking, or intuitive confidence in astrologic prognoses.