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The daily review of IC «EUROFINANSY» offers detailed and fundamental analytical monitoring of the Russian equity market within the framework of the global financial system. In each analytical review we draw your attention to the exchange session results of Russian and other leading equity markets.

Special attention is paid to the news fund formed by the representatives of American and European exchange sites. The strongest aspect of each review consists in its detailed and accessible analysis of macro-economic statistics of the United States and separate countries of the European Union. One indispensable section for any investor is the analysis of the raw materials markets, including representational graphs and a basic introduction to the current situation in the gold, nickel, aluminium, copper, lead, tin, zinc and palladium, markets as well as the oil market. We hope that our daily analytical reviews and the forecasts ensuing from them become indispensable to you within the Russian equity market.

An investor can freely proceed from one level of analysis to another. Unity of analytics is offered: "daily reviews ? technical analysis ? issuers' financial indicators base ? express reports on issuers and extended reports on fundamental analytics.