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Corporate Office

As a rule, accessing the public capital market within a company requires internal change, including restructuring, preparation of consolidated reports, estimates, audits, etc. IC «EUROFINANSY» works on the principle of attracting "ready-to-operate" financing. Our company will work with you to develop a financing strategy for your company in line with your development strategy, determine the financing instruments and a list of internal measures aimed at increasing investment attractiveness of the company.

In addition, we will undertake such tasks as legal maintenance and/or estimation, and will be constantly in contact with you so as to timely answer all your questions and provide any consultancy required. Once your company has entered the public financing market, we will support you regarding questions such as the disclosure of information, forming effective relationships with shareholders and investors, maintenance of corporate governance, increase of capitalization of the company, and market making (after-market support).

Our extensive servicing for companies also includes organizing the activity of the corporate treasury, taxation consulting, corporate strategies, and protection within the market of merger and acquisition, organization of investment projection and project financing, interaction with the state regarding items of property and any other services useful for your business growth.

For more detailed information contact the Director on corporate consulting.