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Business restructuring, merger and acquisition transactions

During the rapid development of a business, the management of the company is presented with a dilemma: organic growth or development at the expense of acquisitions? Our company may provide the full range of services on financial and legal maintenance of transactions for merger and acquisition (M&A). When preparing for a transaction, our specialists can advise you on the optimal ways of financing acquisitions – the availability of funds is very often considered to be the moment, which determines the fate of such transactions.

Restructuring provides the possibility for organizational and legal reconstruction of a group of companies’ business, both for M&A transactions, and for enhancing investment attractiveness. Such business reconstruction is in great demand, in particular, in the event of access in the public debt market and authorized capital (organization of bonded loans, euro bonds issue, IPO). Moreover, restructuring a business allows the possibility of carrying out pre-sale preparations and the sale of non-core business-units.

On the whole, restructuring a business is in great demand in the following instances:

  • For attracting investment
  • For selling a business or part of it (including on the public market)
  • For friendly mergers
  • Against the threat of a hostile takeover (acquisition)
  • For access to the public debt market and authorized capital
  • For building a transparent corporate structure.

Basic restructuring methods:

  • Share transactions and interest leading to a change in the assets structure
  • Increase/decrease of authorized capital, issue of shares and convertibles, modifications in the structure of the authorized capital (consolidation, subdivision)
  • Changes in the structure of the company/holding's administration (composition, competency, number, the process of its forming, and its activity)
  • Entering amendments into constituent documents, internal regulations, orders, and contracts with the authorities
  • Expertise of the corporate activities previously performed as to their validity and incontestability

The specialists of our company are glad to assist you in choosing the optimal structure for realizing M&A transactions, as well as restructuring business.

For more detailed information contact the Head of the department on work with corporate clients.