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Organizing the issue of eurobonds and credit linked notes

Attracting debt financing on the international capital market opens up new prospects for Russian companies.

Access to the international market means:

  • The possibility of attracting a large quantity of financing (starting at 30 million up to billions of US dollars);
  • Lower interest rates in comparison with ruble bonds, that is conditioned by a large scales of market and loan currency;
  • There is no need to present security on loans;
  • Forming public credit history on the international capital market;
  • Forming a liquidity market for company securities;
  • There are a great number of financial instruments, which provide companies with the chance to structure a loan according to its requirements.

As a rule, Russian issuers first acquire public credit history on the internal market by issuing one or several ruble bonded loans and/or bill programs.

IC «EUROFINANSY» together with western partners offer major and medium sized Russian companies services for attracting financial resources on the international market by placement of euro bonds or credit notes (CLN).

Our company specialists are glad to assist you in selecting the optimal borrowing structure of on the international capital market, and are able to conduct presentations on our services at your offices.

For more detailed information contact the Head of the department on work with corporate clients.