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The Bill of Exchange program organization

The bill market is one of the largest segments of the Russian business market. Bills are issued to finance circulating assets, realize current projects, and create positive credit history within the fund market.

Issuing bills is ideal for companies wanting to announce themselves on the fund market, and start working with public capital markets.

As a rule, a bill of exchange program will include several tranches with various periods of repayment of up to one year, which allows more scope for managing the time and quantity of loans. An issue of bills does not require state registration, which speeds up the process of transactions by up to several weeks.

Organizing a bill of exchange program signifies a start on the public debt market, and a chance to decrease the cost of loans when the next bonded loan is issued.

The benefits of Bill of Exchange programs:

  • The low expenses and short time period required for organizing the program because of no state registration of bill issue necessary.
  • Security not needed
  • The chance to make rapid and flexible changes to the terms and conditions of the issue of bills, their circulation and repayment.
  • The option of using bills as pay documents
  • The lack of any obligations imposed by the regulator requiring the disclosure of information
  • The appearance of a public credit history and potential decrease of the cost of resources for the placement bonded loans

IC «EUROFINANSY» jointly organized a bill program for OAO Rossiyskaya Elektronika – a major state holding in electronic industry – with a capacity of 200 million rubles (in 2007), organizer and underwriter of a bill program for OAO Edinaya Evropa Holding – a leader in perfumes and cosmetics imports, and owner of the ILE DE BEAUTE chain of perfume and cosmetic stores– with a capacity of 300 million rubles (2004-2005).

Specialists at our company are glad to render you any assistance in selecting an optimal borrowing structure for organizing bill programs.

For more detailed information contact the Head of the department on work with corporate clients.