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Bonded loans issue organization

The corporate bonds market is the real tool for financing, and occupies an increasing share in credit portfolios of companies with proceeds from 100 - 150 million dollars and more. Bonded debt is an alternative to bank credit, and allows for the involvement of 1-1.5 billion rubles over 3-5 years, which does not burden the assets with the bond.

The issue of public promissory notes on the market can raise the cost of your company, gain it popularity in financial circles, reduce the cost of debt financing (including loan conditions at commercial banks), and profitably carry out transactions of amalgamation and absorption, the sale of a business or part of it.

Advantages of a bonded loan issue:

  • Larger volumes of financing. The size of the bonded loan starts at 1-1.5 billion rubles.
  • Larger terms. The medium term is 3-5 years
  • In the event of repeated issue on the market, the cost of loans falls by 0.5-1 % per annum
  • Unsecured lending (securing in the form of a guarantee from holding companies)
  • Refinancing new loans using issues
  • Manage your debt portfolio, operations on an open market
  • The changes in relations with banks:
    • By borrowing «from the whole market» you reduce your dependence on specific banks (the necessity for a mortgage, transfer of turnovers, salary projects)
    • By diversifying sources of financing (bonds, IPO, circulating notes), it is easier to acquire more attractive bank loans
  • The increase in business capitalization in the future creates an opportunity for selling a business or a part of it on favorable terms through an IPO, MBO, or by attracting a strategic investor

IC «EUROFINANSY» has acted as an organizer and financial adviser on some transactions for attracting financing includin projects for: JSC "TNC VR Holding”, JSC "GAS", the Grain company "Nastusha", JSC "Russian railways", the "Glavmosstroy" holding, JSC “Russian electronics”, and the DiPOS groups of companies.

The experts at our company are ready to help you choose the optimum borrowing structure by issuing a bonded loan and then leading a presentation of services at your offices.

For detailed information, please, contact the head of the department for work with corporate clients