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Gaming System

This trading system is meant for investors who wish to take part in on-line MICEX auctions. Upon registration you will get the chance to try different trading strategies, and acquire practical experience without risking your own funds. A gaming account is opened for each member, and a virtual monetary amount is entered onto it. By default this amount equals 500 000 rubles. If you wish, however, you can receive a different balance if you speak to the tender administrator and specify the desired amount.

You are provided with a whole range of services, including margin crediting. For all operations carried out, commission fees and interest are charged to your account in line with the tariff schedule of the Company. A charge-off is carried out the next day.

Operations can be performed only with the securities reflected in the table.

So as to update information represented in the windows, we recommend:

All transactions can be performed using the quotations specified in the columns of Purchase and Sale. In order to purchase/sell securities, it is necessary to click and select the relevant quotation of the share needed.

Where it says "The amount of current balance and market value of papers" under the table, only the funds belonging to the member are specified.

Margin credit is granted only against monetary funds.

In order to:

You can draw a stop-loss line under shares, which are in the portfolio. To do this click the Stop-loss column opposite the chosen share. Stop-loss works only for sale.

You can also check your ratings against other participants in the How it is going on with the other participants window. In the “Asset of the participant” column, the sum of all assets is shown on the account (money+estimation of portfolio+credits), and in the “Capitalization at the account” column - only your own funds are shown.