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Index Portfolio

The index portfolio of shares NFA-7 is based on the index of the National Fund Association – NFA-7 for Clients, who purchase the growth of the whole market.

The portfolio includes the most liquid shares, which are the most in demand and supply on the market, transactions with which make up the major part of turnover on the whole Russian equity market.

The minimum index portfolio means an aggregate of seven shares in which the number of each share is equal to the number of relevant shares used to calculate the index NFA-7. Each share is included in the portfolio approximately equivalently to the cost of shares (the integer number of lots traded in MICEX).

The benefits of index portfolios:

  • Removes the risk of separate shares, and the cost of the portfolio follows from the capitalization of the market in general.
  • Investors actually own shares, which are included in the base calculation of the NFA-7 index, and have every right to voting stock and to dividends.
  • The purchase or sale of index portfolios can be performed at any moment within a trading session in the Section of fund market of MICEX (all the shares included here are high liquidity).
  • Low commission fees, equal to broking ones, lack of expenses for managers.
  • An index portfolio can at any time be divided into up into shares it is composed of at the request of the investor (transition to another investment strategy).

When purchasing a portfolio a standard broking commission is taken, and an agency agreement is concluded.

For more detailed information about the NFA-7 index and the methodology of its calculation, please see the following (pdf).

To view the history and dynamics of values in the NFA-7 index, the minimum investment portfolio (MIP), as well as the monitoring of calculations of the NFA-7 index, please refer to the following information (pdf).

For more detailed information do not hesitate to contact your manager.