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Depositary/custodial services

The Depositary of the Investment Company EuroFinansy is a separate subdivision of the Company, which performs its activities as a licensed and professional member of the equity market as recognized by FCSM (Federal Commission for the Securities Market). The Depositary offers the full set of services stipulated by Russian legislation. Besides the standard services on the registration of rights and custody, the depositary offers its clients:

  • Registration of securities charged with obligations;
  • Work with settlement depositaries, which service trading sites;
  • Re-registration in shareholders' registers and correspondent depositaries;
  • Informational maintenance and provision of corporate information;
  • Receipt and payment of dividends, interests and any other incomes regarding securities taken into servicing, etc.

The Depositary has correspondence relations with all the leading trading depositaries, among which there are the National Depositary Service, the Depositary-Clearing Company, and GasPromBank Depositary 883.

The use of the most up-to-date technology in operations affords our depositary the ability to perform all commissions in full and on time, and protect the rights and interests of clients.

The Depositary's stable and quality work is an important constituent activity of the company itself, and also guarantees the supply of securities according to client transactions.

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