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Contemporary technical possibilities allow investors to carry out operations on the equity market without the direct involvement of intermediaries. For investors who prefer independence, and are interested in independently understanding the world of financial instruments, we would like to offer the Internet-trading services.

Internet-trading allows our clients to perform trading operations on the stock exchange using a computer connected to the Internet, and special software.

The benefits of Internet-trading:

  • The chance to create an investment portfolio and manage one’s assets, irrespective of where the investor is.
  • Independence in making investment decisions, and the lack of need to keep in constant contact with the employees of a broking company.
  • The possibility of acquiring an additional source of income, the sum of which directly corresponds to the analytical skill and business intuition of the investor.
  • A high level of efficiency in operational performance due to the instant receipt of applications for the purchase and sale of financial instruments in the relevant trading system.
  • Stable access to information on the state of one’s private account and available for carrying out trade operations with free monetary funds.
  • The chance to keep up with current exchange information on-line and to use any of the additional educational, informational and analytical opportunities of an electronic trading program.
  • Actual decrease of expenses for conducting trading operations because of minimum tariff levels on on-line trading services.
  • The opportunity of using, where appropriate, the consulting services of specialists to the same extent as in traditional trading.

If you are prepared to accept the responsibility for making independent investment decisions, and spend some time getting acquainted with some of the mysteries of exchange trade, we would be glad to install on your PC the Internet trading system QUIK (Quickly Updatable Information Kit), which was developed by specialists at the Siberian interbank currency exchange.

Nowadays, QUIK is the most popular Internet trading system in Russia, and is used daily by more than 130 broking companies and their clients in more than 120 Russian cities.

Download the distribution kit of QUIK

Company EuroFinansy offers to its clients:

  • Free installation of the software required, provided your computer matches the necessary technical requirements and specifications
  • Free access to the demo version of QUIK system
  • The chance to conduct marginal transactions with securities
  • Low tariffs for broking services
  • Special Internet trading projects with preferential terms for separate categories of citizens
  • Consulting on all questions relating to trading operations performed through Internet.

For more detailed information do not hesitate to contact your manager.