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The investment company EuroFinansy offers a new kind of service – the formation of endowment-funds and the management of their assets.

An endowment-fund is an effective way to manage purpose capital, generated from charitable contributions from citizens and organizations. The funds gained from asset management in an endowment-fund, are additional income for noncommercial organizations, which specialize in rendering services in the spheres of education, science, public health services, culture, physical training and sport (except for professional sport), art, archival business, public assistance (support).

Services offered by our company:

  • Analysis of potential opportunities for noncommercial organizations in attracting charitable contributions from organizations and people.
  • In-depth assessment of the financial, economic activity of noncommercial organizations and an explanation of how the use of obtained funds is prioritized.
  • Formation of a concept for a endowment-fund.
  • Development of a financial model and management investment strategy for an endowment-fund’s purpose capital.
  • Preparation of information for potential contributors to endowment-funds (donors).
  • Formation of a primary group of endowment-fund contributors (donors).
  • Organization and support in the endowment-fund registration procedure.
  • Asset management of endowment-fund purpose capital in line with the individual investment strategy for purpose capital management.
  • Acquisition of additional donations for replenishing formed capital through direct sales.
  • Rendering of analytical and information support to the participants of endowment-fund.

Advantages for noncommercial organizations:

  • Essential expansion of the noncommercial organization’s profit base due to investment of funds from the endowment-fund.
  • The opportunity of obtaining additional financial resources on a long-term basis.
  • The provision of financial stability and formation of the prospect of long-term planning for noncommercial organization activity.
  • Opportunity for organizing a system of additional financial incentives for the organization’s best employees both on a continuing, and temporary basis.
  • Opportunity for organizing a financing system for special programs and priority scientific research.

Advantages for contributors:

  • Opportunity for donating resources, which are not VAT-taxable, with the aim of establishing a system of long-term use for purpose capital.
  • The presence of effective tools of control over the purpose use of donated resources.
  • Opportunities to receive and make use of the results which have been financed by donations toward scientific research.
  • Opportunity to get the benefits and special conditions of using services, rendered by noncommercial organizations.

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