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For shrewd and experienced investors wishing to combine the excellent with the profitable, IC EuroFinances offers a portfolio of luxury items. With the help of your personal manager, you can collect pieces of art or purchase a yacht.

Investing in yachts

Sailing for a long time has been entertainment for royalty and the rich. Nowadays, yacht holidays can be considered a part of luxury life. Yachting is one of the most expensive and newest activity in recreation. An entire industry has been created for it. Having a yacht demonstrates the style and status of its owner.

We would like to offer the most experienced investor the chance to invest capital in yachts.

If you enjoy building and putting together your own yacht, then we are ready to provide you the chance to participate in its creation from its very conception till it is afloat.

If you are not interested in putting it together, but only in the final result, you can purchase a yacht ready for further individual touches.

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Investment in the art market

Nowadays, pictures are sold and purchased just as much as securities. With a work of art one can count on long-term profit. Investments in art allow one to enter a new world – one of collections, artists, exhibitions and auctions.

If you make the decision to surround yourself with color, and paintings, we would like to offer you some carefully selected names in the investment portfolio.

For more detailed information do not hesitate to contact your manager.