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Smart-Funds (PIFs)

If you are not inclined toward increased risks and prefer diversified investment of capital, we would like to make you the offer of becoming a shareholder in our share investment fund. Investment Group EuroFinansy would like to draw the attention of investors to smart-funds; they differ from other PIFs because of their smart management, which offers you the chance to earn more.

Share investment fund Avanpost is a property complex consisting of combined assets of Fund investors, handed over into trust management by the management company EuroFinansy. Shareholders' combined assets are invested into financial instruments selected by the specialists of the management company to provide the optimum ratio between profitability and reliability of investments.

The benefit of investment equities:

  • High diversification of investments – the assets constituting the Fund are distributed between different types of financial instruments.
  • The management of shareholder assets is carried out by highly professional specialists of the fund market.
  • Shareholders' assets are invested mainly in highly reliable bonds of Russian companies, and state and municipal bonds. The rate of bonds and, to a lesser degree, share price are subject to market fluctuations.
  • Investors can invest assets for any time period - the fund is open, and this means that you can apply for repayment of a share on any working day.
  • The shareholders of the Fund have daily open access to information about the structure of the Fund, the cost of its net assets, the estimated cost of shares and other data.
  • The activity of the Management Company and work of the Fund is controlled by a Specialized depositary. At state level control is under the Federal Agency dealing with financial markets.

For more detailed information please do not hesitate to contact your manager, or refer to the site of Management Company EuroFinansy.