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Trust Services

Trust Services allow even Clients who most of the time focus on their business and other interests unrelated to the stock market to be a step ahead on the stock market.

Trust Services assume that Clients transfer their funds to their portfolio managers who invest funds into securities in order to gain profit in the interests of Clients.

We approach every one of our Clients as a person. Having studied your investment requirements and attitude to risk, our manager will offer you a personal investment portfolio tailored to your individual investment. The range of investment instruments is fairly extensive, starting with reliable corporate promissory notes up to company shares with great growth potential.

IC EuroFinances offers the following management strategies:

  • "Conservative" – in which corporate bonds are the object of investment.
  • "Balanced" – the strategy diversifying investment between shares from reliable issuers and corporate bonds.
  • "Aggressive" – this strategy is characterized by investing funds into shares from issuers in different reliability categories, and active stock market transactions.
  • "Long-term capital gain" – this strategy is directed at high-income gain resulting from long-term equity holding. In this strategy the object of investment includes "second" and "third" class shares.

For more detailed information do not hesitate to contact your manager.